09 July 2015

Jupiter in the 2nd House - TREAT YO SELF!

The 2nd House shows our sense of self-worth as well as our material security and our ways of nurturing it and indulging. With Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, that exaggerates and enlarges everything in this house, one would think that this placement makes one overly indulgent, a hoarder, maybe even obsese - accumulating things and fat for the biggest possible safety.
However, I have found quite the opposite to be true for this placement: The sense of confidence and optimism that comes with Jupiter in any house this planet resides in, takes away all fears and feelings of lack.
Instead, there is this sense of abundance and bottomless amounts of resources.
Jupiter in the 2nd house shows an intense trust that one will always somehow have enough, so there is no need to hoard anything or to save up money.
These are actually quite big spenders, who are optimistic with their finances and can live above their means.
There's this mentality of "you're worth it - treat yourself!" that comes with this.

They wouldn't even think about saving up for bad times because, to them, the good times never end - they have no worries regarding finances.
When it comes to food and eating habits, you would think they don't worry about gaining weight, so they overeat. This is both true and false. They have a kind of trust that "mother nature" will always provide for them, so they might not even worry about eating in the first place.
Let me explain: I have a friend with this placement and she is the classic "naturally skinny girl".
She sometimes forgets she has to eat, because she doesn't even worry about it. She barely every feels hungry because food simply isn't on her mind. Until it is and she eats tons of bacon and chocolate.
Then there's me with Saturn in the 2nd house, always scared I might get hungry, because that would mean I have to STARVE so I eat extra amounts just to make sure I had enough.
Then my Jupiter-in-the-2nd-house-friend goes "oh I haven't eaten today.. whatever.."
No worries about food, money, finances, safety, worth, value, resources...

These individuals hold a deep trust in their personal talents and resources as well.
They have a big sense of self-worth and really treasure themselves which is admirable, too.

As long as they don't go in debt, they're really lucky with this placement.
I could say something like "well, but you have to work hard and suffer to even DESERVE to spend all of that money!! You have to be special and do something great to even DESERVE this sense of self-worth!!!"
But, honestly, that would just be my envy of this placement speaking.
You don't have to do anything to deserve everything.
And these individuals get that.
And that's cool.



  1. I have both Saturn and Jupiter in my 2nd house and I either forget to eat at all and then I'm like "What if I'm gonna pass out right now because of the minimum energy... or maybe go into coma... or die" or I eat like everything my senses behold and then I'm superscared of heart attack or food poisoning or allergy or that something could happen to my digestion or... heh is that usual for people who have these two planets in their 2nd house to react like this?

  2. i have this placeament and i don't agree

  3. I have this too and I eat little bit less than should,same with water...(I was 3 times in hospital because of dehydratation).Maybe it has to the that which of 1 of these is more dominant in chart.


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