23 July 2015

The Gemini Hate Meme

There has been so much Gemini hate all over the internet lately, especially on tumblr.
According to meme documentation on tumblr, this started with gothstrology's post about the signs' best traits, which listed "none" as those of Geminis.
The meme has spread since, resulting in many posts attacking and insulting Geminis, most often for their stereotypically negative trait of being "two-faced".

As I said, it's a meme. It's a running gag. It's not reality. Any sign could have potentially been a target for a meme based on one of their bad traits.
However, I have noticed that many Geminis and those who have Gemini placements in their chart actually feel personally attacked, insulted, hurt and think that they're doomed, that they have been "born under a bad star".

Looking at Gemini objectively, it is merely a 30° section of the ecliptic, the plane on which the planets orbit around the sun. Any planets could have passed through this section called "Gemini" during someone's birth. When someone "is a Gemini", based on their date of birth, that refers to the sun being in that 30° sector, as seen from the earth.
All twelve equal sectors of the ecliptic, the zodiac signs, have bad and good traits associated with them, but, at their core, they are nothing but archetypical expressions of energy.
This is what Gemini essentially stands for:
  • duality - Gemini is associated with twins
  • androgony - the combination of opposites in general
  • objectivity - seeing both sides of an argument as true and valid

The archetypical trait of Geminis being "two-faced" is true.
It is the very purpose of this sign to combine two sides, two opposites, to embody duality.
That has both the positive side of being exciting, objective, and diverse, as well as the negative side of being "two-faced", unpredictable and flighty - all over the place, being and doing everything at once. The typical multi-taskers.

The same could be done with any of the other signs. Objectively, they're just an archetypical expression of energy. Subjectively, these could carry with them good and/or bad traits.
Aries is the energetic principle of penetration, which could be heroic and pioneering or aggressive and egoistic.
Taurus is the energetic principle of preservation, which could be sensual and reliable or conservative and indulgent.

For the longest time I thought people were aware that this was just a silly meme, but some people are taking this really seriously, so I just wanted to make this clear.
And, yes, there are some not-so-great examples of famous Geminis, including Iggy Azalea, Donald Trump and Carter Reynold. But those, too, exist for all the other signs.
Think of the good Geminis: Johnny Depp, Dan Howell, Angelina Jolie, Laverne Cox, Morgan Freeman, Chris Evans, ....

Please don't ever make me feel like I have to make clear that signs are not inherently good or bad in nature again. They're absolutely neutral and equal in their core meaning.



  1. Tom Hiddleston has Gemini Ascendant (I hear he has an Army). He seems like a good egg :)

  2. Wow. Even someone like you who promotes positivity and disapprove discrimination shits on Iggy Azalea! How can you categorize her as "not-so-great examples of famous Geminis" alongside fucking Donald Trump!
    You see, like the gemini hate meme, Iggy hate is exaggerated. She has done good and problematic things and she apologized COUNTLESS TIMES for it.
    The internet bullied her to depression: "Some days I want to crawl into a cave because I don’t feel confident at all". Please don't add more hate.
    Also according to Vedic, she's a taurus and i watched all of her interviews and read her tweets and she's very earthy.

    1. I did not "shit" on her she was just an example of geminis who are unpopular i didnt say anything about her being a bad person bc i honestly dont even have an opinion of her

    2. Her birthday is June 7th. which is in gemini month. Taurus month starts at the middle of April to the middle of May. not June. The rest of May to the middle of June is gemini month. She is a gemini.

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  4. I know this is old, but I really felt the need to share my opinion! Most Gemini I have met don't fit the 'two faced' stereotype, but are self absorbed, narcissistic, and uncomprehendingly angry. This is not to say everyone of them are, this is just my personal experience. I was in a very damaging relationship for nearly 3 years with a Gemini, and he wasn't 'two faced' or a 'cheater', he was a self involved and unbelievably angry person. I think the 'two faced' stereotype is outdated and horribly inaccurate.. However I have personally experienced other negative personality traits and behaviours of specific Gemini. Doesn't mean everyone of them are the same, but this is a common pattern I have personally witnessed.

    1. I completely agree with you. I've experienced gemini as a self-absorbed, manipulative, jealous $@!#!!

    2. are you a cancer ? because you sound like a cry baby 🙄

    3. I dated a self absorbed manipulative abusive narcissistic Virgo. Doesn't mean anything. Every sign has assholes.

  5. I'm manipulative and self-absorbed, but that doesn't make me a bad person. I just have no interest in other people, and people take that as an insult when I say this when in fact, it's just how I view everything. I'm not saying that the people/person you encountered might not be that great of a person, but you always have to look on the other side of the coin.

    1. Lmao as a gemini i get exactly what you mean and you mean well 😝😝

  6. My sign is gemini, 26th may (gemini-taurus cusp)..interesting to read this webpage and this topic!. The hate started for me on the 11 september 2001 attacks on the TWIN towers, before this date, everything was normal!.


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