07 September 2015

Does the Birth Chart show your Personality or your Destiny?

"Only a mechanism can be predictable. A fully conscious person is unpredictable. No astrologer can predict anything about a fully conscious person. He moves moment-to-moment, full of wonder. He acts out of wonder, he acts out of response to the moment. He carries no knowledge, he carries no character within him. Each moment he is new, reborn."
Osho in Innocence, Knowledge and Wonder

Is a birth chart a map of your inner world, your psychological makeup, your personality and character traits?
Or is it a map of your life, your destiny, your future career, family life, the unfolding of your reality?

Rather than showing personality or destiny, the chart describes how we tend to perceive, experience and interpret reality and interact with it.
For exaample: the sign mercury is in colors the way we take in and give out information.
The house that neptune is in is a life area that becomes blurry and hazy in the way we experience it.
Because of our individual combinations of planets, signs, and houses, and our specific way of experiencing reality, certain potentials develop.
Potentials for how we tend to act and react.

Because our reality is translated in a certain way, our personality develops accordingly and so does our life.
It's all about potential, but since most never become aware/conscious, their lives and personality are really predictable.
Barely anyone ever truly changes.

The more we think certain thoughts, the more ingrained they become.
We are being conditioned to behave and make decisions in a predictable way.
A thought that is thought often enough to build a neuropathway and become mechanical and unconscious is a belief.
Reality is BS (belief systems). Our reality is an exact mirror of what we believe about it and ourselves.

So does your horoscope describe your character or your destiny? Character is destiny. Your personlity is your personal reality.
By repeating patterns and strengthening specific beliefs, we become our own self-fulfilling prophecy.

How can you break out of the circle of having a predictable personality and destiny?
By letting go of all beliefs and living each moment like you had no past.
That is of course close to impossible.
We are highly influenced by thought patterns, beliefs and our past experiences at each moment, whether we are aware of it or not.

Studying the birth chart can help bring awareness but being too focused on it will also stand in your way.
You will either start over-identifying with it ("I am such a sagittarius!", "I'm insecure, because Saturn is in my 2nd house. I can't change that.") or you will deliberately try rebelling against it, making this be a predictable pattern as well (this is probably something an individual with a strong Uranus influence will try to do).

I want to point out, though, that trying not to be predictable in your personality or destiny is not really the point here.
It's not bad to be conditioned by thought patterns and experiences.
It's normal and human.
The only way to free yourself from that is to practice being in a state of "no-mind", of absolute detachment, letting go of ego-identification. (I have a blogpost about that)
That is just a helpful tool to help you look at yourself and your life more objectively, though.
I personally don't think there's a point in trying to transcend the human experience.

Some parts of our charts show good fortune, they are beneficial and support us.
Other more challenging parts we can overcome by practicing detachment and disidentifying with them.
By doing that, we weaken our beliefs that were created early in our lives (most of our conditioning takes place before the age of three) and are free to create new ones.

We start seeing the world for what it really is for the first time, instead of through the lens of our birth chart.
Then we can pick and choose what to believe about it, focus our minds deliberately on finding evidence that support these positive beliefs and build new neuropathways (mechanical, unconscious thoughts) that benefit us.


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  2. At 71, having studied astrology more than the average bear, but not being the brightest firefly on the porch when it comes to understanding it, this work does seem to be more advanced than, say, the kid next door. I look forward to more but, being an Aries, I will not fall into the trap of treating my predictions of being a future fan as rock solid and step into doodoo-- as Marina cautions Aries to keep away from the fortuneteller error. LOVE, Daniel R Peterson 406-223-8017

  3. Such a good post, thank you. I recently started to study astrology and I've been trully fascinated about all the new discoveries, but in the same time I realised i conditioned myself in expecting the worse of fearing so much the future that now I need to break through all beliefs and free my mind. Especially after I found out that I have Saturn in 8th house and I'm few months away from the exact return, it freaked me out all the fear based information I found about it.


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