03 October 2015

How to feed the Ego of each Sun Sign

The astrological sun in someone's chart represents their ego - it describes all those traits that our self-concept is based on.
The sun shows our sense of identity, how we define ourselves as unique and special.
Our identity is based around the traits associated with the zodiac sign that our sun is in.
We reinforce those traits more or less consciously, act in specific ways to strengthen our sense of self.
That is why the sun describes our basic personality and why so many heavily relate to sun sign descriptions, making them feel personally attacked when something bad is said about "their sign".
It's an attack against their egos.

This is also why, when this inner construct of self, of "this is who I am, this is what makes me me" is threatened, we react in extreme ways - the ego fights for survival.
Never accuse a Sagittarius of being dishonest, never tell a Libra they're inconsiderate of others or call an Aquarius "unoriginal" - they will immediately defend themselves, trying to protect their sense of identity - their egos.

Here's another example: Someone with an Aries sun grows up spending their whole life thinking they're an absolute hero.
When someone accuses them of being cowardly or a situation comes up that makes them act scared, this threatens their self-concept they have built for years.
It could make their concept of "I am a brave hero!" crumble.
It could destroy their sense of being a separate, individual self.
In order to have their sense of identity be reinforced, Aries have to prove their bravery, they have to fulfill chivalrous acts, and always win.
Otherwise - who are they?
If not that person they identified as, then what is left?
Having an ego, a sense of identity, is really just a means of concealing the fact that we're all the same.

Reinforcing someone's sense of self is a sure way to make them like you.
It feels really good to be perceived by others how you believe yourself to be, to have others see those parts of you that you are most proud of and believe to be most special.

So here is how to feed each sun sign's ego, or, rather, how to reinforce and strengthen their sense of self (because "ego", especially having a big one, has a bad reputation):

  • The Aries Sun Ego is fed by heroism, being first, being the best, winning, courage. 
  • The Taurus Sun Ego is fed by posessions, consistency, perseverance, stamina, luxury, building something of endurance. 
  • The Gemini Sun Ego is fed by knowledge, having connections and connecting people, showing their ability for adaption and variety, being a multi-tasker, being clever.
  • The Cancer Sun Ego is fed by caring for someone (or something), being part of someone's memories/past/nostalgia, being the one that nurtures someone or that is their "home".
  • The Leo Sun Ego is fed by attention, being adored, being special, being important, being entertaining, performing.
  • The Virgo Sun Ego is fed by being busy, helping others, figuring something out, spotting a detail, being efficient, productive, and helpful.
  • The Libra Sun Ego is fed by who they are with (indirect ego), by how good they can make others feel about themselves, by being relatable and having an influence on others (basically through their interpersonal skills. And their beauty.)
  • The Scorpio Sun Ego is fed by being in control, having power (manipulation), keeping secrets or being let in on a secret (having people's trust), having depth.
  • The Sagittarius Sun Ego is fed by being wise, morally good, virtuous, educated, a philosopher, teacher, or mentor.
  • The Capricorn Sun Ego is fed by being well-mannered, being the manager/commander, respect, authority. 
  • The Aquarius Sun Ego is fed by being different, unique, weird, swimming against the stream, rebelling. 
  • The Pisces Sun Ego is fed by being selfless, spiritual, compassionate, saving someone (or humanity), by being a martyr (the ego that comes in through the back door aka "oh I'm so selfless! I don't have a ego!", taking pride in their apparent egolessness).

Love always,


  1. Dear Maria,

    Dear Marina,
    What do you think about Neptun squares? I am an Aries (Sun, North Node,Jupiter conjunct in 9th house), Leo Asc. I suppose to be very extroverted,assertive etc. BUT Neptun squares all this stellium in Aries and also I have Pisces Mercury and Venus. I am 28 years old and as years pass, I feel more and more Piscean, in other words desperate, lost and weak. How come?
    Thank you in Advance

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