28 November 2015

How To Overcome A Negative Destiny In Your Birth Chart

Our natal charts, first and foremost, show potentials of how we tend to experience reality. We then react accordingly to how we perceive reality, which creates, over time, our character. Our character dictates our fate. One thing you must understand when trying to avoid a certain life path indicated in your chart, is that we are bound to run into the arms of the very fate we are struggling to escape. Be conscious of and accept your fate completely, and it will change. Fate only exist when we are unconscious.

The Sun fears insignificance. But everybody wants to be special. Only by accepting that you're ordinary, do you become extraordinary.

But the thing is, as with anything that you're avoiding - you can't simply pretend to accept your fate in hopes of trying to avoid it. It can't work like that, because you still want to escape that destiny. You will have to completely face that possible reality and accept that it might come true.

The Moon fears abandonment and she tends to abandon herself by nurturing others and then expecting them to give her the emotional support she needs, rather than simply giving it to herself, putting herself first. By nurturing yourself, you don't depend on others emotionally -  you will be okay with your nurturing not being reciprocated (although of course you should respect yourself enough to walk out of relationships with people that do not honor you), you become truly selfless, like the earth that gives and doesn't need anything back.

Mercury doesn't want to "lose his mind", he wants to be very rational, and tends to live too much in his head. However, rationalizing something can actually make him miss the very point and heart of a problem. Furthermore, if he refuses to stop living inside his own mind, his body will respond with "You don't want to stop thinking? Then I'll make you!" - Mercury is be prone to developing alzheimers and general brain diseases or learning disabilities. Get out of your head, accept that you can't know, find out, understand, intellectualize, and rationalize everything. Don't be so afraid to be subjective, irrational and emotional.

Venus is so afraid of rejection that she will end up picking on herself, trying to be perfect, and therefore run into her own fate: She was rejected by herself before anybody else could do so. Through the fear of not being liked, she will cater to everyone, and become too bland to be interesting. People are bound to not like you. Be okay with that, and you'll actually be more likable.

Mars reminds me of that classic archetypal storyline in which the hero is so obsessed with winning and being first, that he overextends himself and then isn't even able to compete in the end.

Saturn is our backbone. He is the one who refuses to bend under pressure. Do you know how people tell you to bend your knees when lifting something because its healthier for your back? Saturn needs to learn that bending is better than breaking. By trying to escape being broken, we achieve exactly that. If only we were more soft, we'd actually be stronger. Remember to bend your knees. Literally and figuratively.

Jupiter fears meaninglessness. He is so focused on expanding his wisdom and collecting experiences that he never stops to see the beauty of the simple things in the present moment. If only he saw the meaning all around him already, instead of searching for it somewhere at the distant horizon.

Uranus fears being caged in and therefore creates his own castle in which no one can catch him. He ends up imprisoning himself. By allowing himself to only act in nonconventional ways, his actions become predicatble. By allowing himself to only go against the mainstream, he limits himself to one direction.

Neptune is afraid of the chaos of reality. By escaping into fantasy, he loses touch with reality, until his life becomes too chaotic to handle and it slips out of his control.

Pluto fears exposure and hides everything, locks everything away. He doesn't realize that its usually the most obvious places where people don't look. Furthermore, in his fear of exposure, he covers himself up. If only he was emotionally naked in the first place, people couldn't intrude and strip his safety away - he could claim the power to expose himself, rather than being forced to.


  1. How do I overcome a natal chart that I've been told will continually torment me? I have already endured all forms of extreme abuse, violent attacks resulting in near death experiences, horrific sexual abuses...just terrifying painful repeated traumatic experiences ranging from childhood to adulthood. In response to these traumas - absolutely no support from family - the exact opposite - harm. Due to continually withstanding ongoing trauma..being trapped in very painful exhaustive debilitating chronic illnesses with no cure. All these experiences give rise to depression, loss of hope, and suicidal wishes. Financial independence is compromised due to chronic illness and now I'm forced to continue being tied to very abusive neglectful violent apathetic competitive condescending and sadistic family members who have made my life unbearable as a child. I've tried all I can to break free and have been able to shine love and support to other survivors but have been unable to do anything to salvage what's left of my own life. Is there any hope at all...?

    Is there any way a person can overcome this or is it a lost cause? 4/2/85 4:07am Edina MN