17 December 2015

Gemini Ascendant ♊ The Role of The Comic Relief

The Ascendant sign is the one that was rising (ascending) on the eastern horizon at the time and place of your birth and is often referred to as your “persona” - this term was first used to refer to the masks actors in ancient Greek theatre would wear to make the role that they play obvious upon their first entrance on stage.
Since Greek theatres were large, the masks were big with exaggerated facial features, to clearly show the role of the actor.
Your Ascendant sign is your personal mask that shows others the kind of role you take in in this world.
The houses of the chart are the different stages of life, and since the Ascendant marks the beginning of the first house, it truly does describe how we enter the world - and, as Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage”.

Greek theatre plays, called dramas, revolved around tragedy and comedy.
Having a Gemini Ascendant, the mask that you'd wear in a drama would probably be that of Pan. The satyrs role is that of comic relief (the word satire is actually derived from satyr).

Others perceive us in a certain way and see us as fulfilling a certain role and we do the same, and, through this back-and-forth, eventually our social role is formed - the Ascendant sign.
It shows how we fit into the rest of the world - how we meet people and the world in general, our mentality. With A Gemini Ascendant, your approach is very mental, rational, and often humorous.

You hate taking anything too seriously, because you view the world as a playground - full of fun and full of opportunities to learn.
You are full of curiosity and quite sociable. Your door to the world is through communication. You experience the world and the world experiences you in conversation, through jokes, random facts, ideas, and opinions.

The role of Gemini Ascendant
The mask of the comedian reminds us that we shouldn't be taking ourselves too seriously, that life is playful and full of curiosity. Others might see you as someone who can entertain them and always knows about the latest news, which is why you will eventually grow into the role of the student and messenger, who is always collecting information and passing it on.

Whenever a situation is too serious or a conversation is stuck, it is the role of Gemini Ascendants to spice it up, to lighten it up, to make it more funny, interesting and bring variety.
Quite literally, the role of Gemini Ascendant is to be a comic relief.
They're the ones who remind us that most things aren't as deep or serious as they seem.
They can appear to some as a bit too fickle, childish, random or trivial, but they fulfill an important role in balancing the heaviness of this world with their light airiness.
They're the fresh breeze who keep the world spinning by always offering variety and comedy.
Their clever remarks come out quickly and naturally, they don't take themselves seriously (or anything, for that matter) and are thus very approachable.

"Gautam Buddha said as his last statement 'be a light unto yourself'. The day I leave the body please remind me so I can make my last statement 'be a joke unto yourself'. That is far more joyful than being a light unto yourself. What are you going to do with a light? Being a joke unto yourself, you will be a bliss for everyone."
- Osho (Gemini Ascendant)


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