21 December 2015

Leo Sun Libra Moon Personality

This combination creates ridiculously charming individuals that carry themselves royally and are very aware of their effect on others.
The self-centered leo sun and the other-oriented libra moon create a person that is a real leader who considers everyone else.
Although he is the reigning prince, he is fair and just.
He radiates a warmth similar to that of the sun and his big ego has a gravitational pull that is similar to that of the sun as well.
Both confident and demure, he has a very unique and irresistible charisma.

They take the lead without appearing bossy, they're a kind of diplomatic sovereign.
Leo Sun Libra Moon is torn between wanting the spotlight to be on them and wanting to focus on others.
They're torn between wanting to talk about themselves and wanting to listen to others.
This makes for a perfect host!
They are the type to say "okay everybody tell me your opinion and then I'll make the decision"
or "I will host this social gathering, making sure everyone gets along, gets to say something, and we all have fun, and while I'm being the diplomat that focuses on others, I will shine in that position!"
This combination is all about the glory of focusing on others.

One of my absolute favorite Leos with Libra Moon is Yoo Jae Suk.
You might know him as the guy with the yellow suit in the Gangnam Style video.
He's probably the most well-known person in South Korea. He is considered their "National MC", because he hosts pretty much every major TV show and does a really good job as well.
Everybody loves him.
Why is he the national MC? Because of his typical Leo Sun, Libra Moon personality:
he includes everyone and knows how to make everyone on the show shine equally, he has a sense for what makes everyone special and is generous enough to highlight those things.
Through his sense for how to make others stand out, he, too, ends up being showered with admiration.

These individuals exude elegance and grace.
They're also really sweet and amazing at giving compliments - they will make you feel like you, too, are royalty.
They will include you in their spotlight and are the type to immediately call people their friends.
Being so kind and compassionate, they see everybody as being just as kind and therefore open their hearts for everyone.
In their social circle, they seem to be able to combine both quality (leo) and quantity (libra) of relationships.
They love peace and fun and can be too focused on those bright sides of life, wanting only the best.

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