26 December 2015

Pluto in the 1st House

Those with Pluto in the first house exude an air of power that can be intimidating. Their eyes are penetrating, as if they're able to look right through you. They themselves, however, show very little of themselves - they tend to be private or even secretive. This makes them all the more powerful, even mysterious. They are magnetic and interesting but there's always some part of them that they'll keep hidden. In fact, they tend to act like they're literally hiding something.

Planets in the first house always attract certain people or reactions and those with Pluto in this house are either hated or loved - there's no in-between. People always feel extreme about them and take definite standpoints. Just like the black-or-white reactions they evoke in others, they themselves often have an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to life, never doing anything halfheartedly.

Their view of the world is often a bit dark, since they always look beyond the surface of things and they don't prettify the raw truth. That is why they can seem a bit extreme to others, or overly dark and intense.
They can't keep on the surface of anything, they have to dig deep into the essence, the secrets, the deeper meaning and profound truth in everything.
Everybody has this part in them that's a bit fucked up and these individuals don't hide that.
With Pluto in the first house, their darkness is presented to the world, it's the first thing that people see!
Their powerful impact on others can be scary, which makes some people demonize them and project their own darkness onto them.

Celebrities with Pluto in the 1st House

These people were often made to feel like they're "bad". Ever since they were little, they had people tell them that they were "naughty", so they internalized these messages and grow to fit into this lifetime role of the "bad guy" or the "witch".
Women can sometimes be perceived as being a temptress or seductress and the men, too, can seem like they're overly sexual.
Generally, these individuals are definitely quite cheeky, but it's simply their natural approach to the world, there's usually no real intention behind their naughty comments or sexual behavior.
Even so, they often fulfill the role of the serpent with the forbidden fruit - being the one who tempts others to break taboos and do something "unacceptable".

They also play the role of the healer.
They say what everybody is thinking or feeling but does not dare articulate.
By breaking taboos, they free people.
Those who don't want to be free, those who are scared of the truth, project the darkness they keep bottled up onto them, demonizing them, calling them raunchy or bad for how open they are about things that others would shame.

Pluto in 1st House naturally sees everybody's demons and the dark sides of the world, that's why they are so open about them.
They have a deep understanding of people and their ulterior motives.
Because of that, they are really good at manipulating others, and can sometimes abuse their power.
They're scared of being manipulated themselves or being pinned down and controlled, which is why they often reinvent themselves, going through lots of physical transformations.



  1. Thank you. I have Pluto in the first house and also Saturn (Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in my birth chart)

    1. Alma, I also have Pluto and Saturn in the first house, conjunct my rising. Pluto conjunct rising.
      What other placements do you have?

  2. pluto scorpio in 1st house, I can relate to this, what about the retrograde pluto natally in first house, any difference?

  3. Have lived with a Pluto first house for 17 years....it's her eyes, what a stare she can give.....

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  5. My mother and my boyfriend have this placement. This is so true!