09 January 2016

The meaning of Pluto

Pluto is associated with digging, plumbing, looking underneath the surface and ground, diving, secret corners, all types of research.
Literally or metaphorically digging in the dirt, airing your dirty laundry, finding secret corners in old houses, getting down and dirty, spies, detectives, researchers, conspiracy theorists, getting to the ground of something.
It's about finding the hidden treasure under the ground or deep inside of us. The term plutocrat refers to those whose power is based on their wealth. Pluto means treasure - the treasure we will only find in the underworld, the realm of Hades.
It's about the wealth and value of that which is dark, secret, hidden and about daring to look into the shadows rather than denying they exist.
By giving attention to taboos we return them back to their sacred nature.
In the dark, they take on ugly forms. So we dig them up, so they may see the light and become pure again.
Daring to dig up the ugly truth, removing the dust from antique books to find out their wisdom, going deep within ourselves to find the strength in our darkness, clearing out suppressed traumas, bringing mysteries and secrets into the light, opening Pandora's box, transforming lead into gold through alchemy, being drawn into devouring black holes, rising from the other side like a Phoenix.
A caterpillar cocooning itself, and just when it thinks it's about to die - it emerges as a butterfly.

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