13 February 2016

★ Astrologer Aesthetics ★

I really love fortune teller tents, crystal balls, tarot cards, night sky blue, candles, constellations, neon signs and all this stuff lately.

I am currently watching Madame Antoine, which is a Korean show about a fortune teller who claims to be psychically connected with Marie Antoinette. A psychologer who wants to prove that love isn't real ends up taking her as an experiment subject. I love the combination of fortune telling and psychology because it's so - astrology!? And the whole visual concept of the series is amazing!
The female lead has such a chic parisian/boho look and the fortune telling café that she owns is really pretty and full of kitsch.

This really makes me want to get lots of pastel candles, cushions, plants and drapes.

I love that old-fashioned brooch.

The dress!!

The zodiac designs in the Emilio Pucci Fall 2015 collection are so cute, I really want the over knee boots!

The Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 collection is adorable too, so feminine!

It makes me want to dress like a witch and be super ethereal, mysterious and enchanting- create a whole astrology lifestyle, become an astrologer on all levels!

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