22 February 2016

Megan Fox talking about Astrology Appreciation Post

I only recently found out about Megan Fox' interest in astrology and I thought it was amazing how openly spiritual she is.
This is her instagram bio:

Megan is a Taurus but on Jimmy Kimmel she said that she identifies with her Moon in Leo because she's always in the spotlight.
She also talked about how astrology and astronomy used to be the same thing and how astrology used to be very respected.

Megan Fox was photographed with a "complete idiot's guide to palmistry"
and she also read Jimmy Kimmel's palm when she was on his show!

While reading Guillermo's palm she said that his wide-reaching life line shows that he has moved far away from home to which Jimmy replied "He did. He came from Mexico."

She also said that she has gotten pretty good at astrology and has been able to predict the birth of her friends children based on the placement of the moon.

This was Conan O'Brien after Megan Fox told him that he has an Aquarius Moon which means that his "emotions are closely tied to Uranus" (video)

When Megan was on Ellen, she asked her for her Moon sign and Ellen said that she found out for the show that she was an Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon.
Megan then asked her whether she finds that she is independent, bossy, or controlling and Ellen immediately said "no" to everything (which I feel is pretty ironic, I'm guessing she was joking. She is clearly a very assertive person).
Ellen did say that she was into sports as a child though.

Megan wearing a taurus shirt

I'm honestly not sure whether her wrist tattoo is actually a Cancer symbol.
She doesn't have any Cancer in her chart but her husband is a Cancer!
In a deleted scene from the movie "This is 40" she actually talked about how Taurus and Cancer are "soulmates of the zodiac".
I shared the video on my tumblr (it's at the bottom of this post)

I think it's really cool that she doesn't take her interest in astrology too seriously and can joke about it (although she clearly is pretty passionate and knowledgable).

I would love for more celebrities to talk about astrology so that it might become more acceptable again!
People are often made fun of for being "too spiritual" or believing in "hocus pocus" so thank you Megan for being proud of it!


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