21 March 2016

Aquarius Sun in the Houses ♒ Finding your personal myth

Carl Gustav Jung believed that it is our goal to find a myth we identify with and then live it.
Astrology can help us find that personal myth to live by.
Birth charts tell stories and they are as complex as your life and personality.
The sun plays a central role: it is the gravitational center of the solar system, it is symbolic for the hero in mythology, and it stands for our ego in astrology.
If your whole chart is the myth that you are living, the sun in your chart is the hero(ine).

With an Aquarius Sun, the hero(ine) of your personal myth is the waterbearer.
The journey or quest that you will have to embark on in your life is to bring water to the people.
This is symbolic of your humanitarian identity.
A classic myth from Greek Mythology that deals with this is that of Prometheus:
He saw that people were suffering down on earth - it was cold and dark and they had nothing but raw food to eat.
So he decided to steal fire from the Gods and bring it down on earth so that it would keep them warm, protect them in the cold nights, and cook their food.

Like Prometheus who brought the fire to humanity, or the waterbearer who saves humanity by giving them water, those with their sun in the sign of Aquarius identify as someone who is here to contribute to society.

Aquarius is associated with humanitarian, political and scientific occupations.
In any way possible, they need to give something to the bigger whole, to the collective.
Most importantly, they want to help the people, the everyman. They root for the underdog, they support the bottom of society that carries the biggest weight.

Robin Hood is another classical Aquarius hero.
He stole money from the rich to give it to the poor.
Aquarius is the archetypal rebel who is strictly anti-establishment, even anarchic.
Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, was discovered during the French Revolution - while fighting for the freedom and the rights of the people.

So what is your purpose as an Aquarian hero?
The house of the sun shows where you have to bring the water (or the fire, or the money) to - what your humanitarian pursuits are focused on; what the center stage of this inner hero(ine) is.

Aquarius Sun in the 1st House
You have to embody the rebel that goes against conventions and challenges old structures. Standing for freedom and being different is your purpose. Rosa Park had this placement.

Aquarius Sun in the 2nd House
You have to create your own value system, find worth in something independent of what people say is of value or not. Making your own money and going against tradition is the focus of your life. Oprah Winfrey has this placement.

Aquarius Sun in the 3rd House
You have to stand in for free speech, defend your avant-garde ideas and opinions, and be a revolutionary in the field of thought - maybe even an inventor. Bob Marley and Thomas Edison have this placement.

Aquarius Sun in the 4th House
Coming from a different background and being proud of it or forming a unique and unusual family is at the center of your life.

Aquarius Sun in the 5th House
You have to create art and express yourself in creative ways that inspire others to be more free and liberated - be so free in your self-expression that it allows others to do the same. Yoko Ono has this placement.

Aquarius Sun in the 6th House
Creating unusual work environments and redefining jobs and employment is your focus. You are concerned with work and productivity but have a unique and liberal approach to it. Justin Timberlake has this placement and he has many unique companies and brands.

Aquarius Sun in the 7th House
You have to find a relationship that is based on personal freedom and experimentation - one that is liberating rather than inhibiting and feels more like a friendship. Be a revolutionary when it comes to how people see partnerships.

Aquarius Sun in the 8th House
You have to make revolutionary discoveries through deep  research. You might want to find out new things about the human psyche. Either way, you have to revolutionize through your investigations. Alfred Adler has this placement.

Aquarius Sun in the 9th House
You have to promote the freedom of personal beliefs and worldviews and be a representative of progressive ideas or "new age" religions. Whatever you believe in, you have to spread your revolutionary worldview.

Aquarius Sun in the 10th House
You have to be successful and build a career and reputation around humanitarian or scientific pursuits. Bring the importance of the progress of society into the light of public visbility and make a name for yourself like that.

Aquarius Sun in the 11th House
Your life's focus is on making contributions to the future progress of humanity, to society and humanity as a whole. You are particularly concerned with different social structures. Maybe you want to create an intentional community.

Aquarius Sun in the 12th House
You are a revolutionary is selfless service and spirituality. Your life's purpose may be to found a unique and different charity, to help others with your humanitarian spirit, and be a "rebel behind the scenes" with your silent support to a new world.

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