11 May 2016

♥ A Man's Mars Sign in Love ♂

This article first appeared in the Zine Cosmic Latte.

In astrology, a guy's or man's sexual libido, his will and desire to chase after and conquer a romantic or sexual interest is indicated by Mars – it shows the role he takes in in the conquest of love and romance. We all act differently when we're around the person we like. In men and those who primarily identify as male, as the “chasers” rather than the “seducers”, the mars sign comes out. It's his way to become appealing, to impress. For girls the mars sign can come out as well – if she’s the really assertive type who makes the first move and if she prefers to do the conquering herself!

For more information on how men and women express their venus and mars signs, you can read this blogpost.

Aries Mars in Love – The Macho

When someone with their Mars in Aries is chasing after you, it will be obvious. If that person isn’t actively (even aggressively) wooing you, they probably don’t like you like that. Watching them try to impress you and be competitive can actually be almost cringe-worthy – they will become a macho, a knight in shining armor, always trying to prove their potency (masculinity). They are very direct in the chase, so they will make the first move – which makes it easier for you! They aren’t subtle or shy, but actually very obvious in their pursuit. They will tease the person they like but be protective about them as well – making sure nobody else messes with them. Their interest can flare up suddenly and fade just as quickly, because they are so passionate about the chase, but get bored once the conquest was made. So playing hard to get with them might not be a bad idea (as long as you don’t take it too far).
Men with Mars in Aries: Christiano Ronaldo, Jared Leto, Russell Brand

Taurus Mars in Love – The Provider

Any planet in Taurus takes a slow, yet steady approach. These individuals are cautious when they like someone, but once the chase starts, they’re stubborn, like a bulldozer, and won’t back off – they have infinite patience and stamina. They will have their eyes set on one person for a pretty long time and their affection is serious and sincere. Their approach can be very traditional, the classic man courting the woman of his desire, and they keep it pretty simple and straight-forward. Taurus is a very sensual and passionate sign so he will show his affection and sexual interest physically, through touch. A Mars in Taurus will want to provide for you physically as well. Sometimes they will court you simply by buying you stuff and treating you to food and the like. They are also quite possessive and jealous!
Men with Mars in Taurus: Kanye West, Chris Pratt

Gemini Mars in Love – The Flirt

Somebody with Mars in Gemini will take the verbal approach to flirting – lots of innuendos, pick up lines, witty or sweet talk (or both),… they will constantly want to talk to you, have debates with you, challenge your intellect, and enjoy getting into playful verbal disputes. The mental connection is really important to these individuals and they’re also really into sexting and phone sex.
As playful, witty, cheeky, and seemingly emotionally disconnected as he acts when chasing someone, he can actually become quite poetic when he’s serious about it and will love to have good conversations (while still joking around in between, just to loosen the atmosphere again).
Men with Mars in Gemini: Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Matty Healy

Cancer Mars in Love – The Romantic

Those with Mars in Cancer will try to conquer your heart by evoking maternal feelings for you – they will become emotional softies around you. In return, however, they’ll also take care of you. Their chase is expressed in acts of nurturing, caring, and emotional connection. They will pamper you and take care of you – a Mars in Cancer in love will not so much chase you, but rather nurture you, in hopes of that being reciprocated. He will make you feel secure and at home, protecting you from emotional pain. Although he might not be that type of guy naturally, when chasing a love interest, someone with Mars in Cancer will be very emotional and sentimental, focusing a lot on shared memories and shared nostalgias. He might also become very protected and kind of shy, like a crab retreating into its shell.
Men with Mars in Cancer: Shawn Mendes, Tom Hardy, Jensen Ackles, John Mayer, Zayn Malik

Leo Mars in Love – The Show-off

In order to impress you, these individuals will brag and become a total show-off, they will try and be entertaining and louder and more cocky than usual. They will pretty much turn themselves and you into the king and queen. By drawing attention to himself, he wants to shine in front of you, and, at the same time, also shower you with compliments! He is romantic and melodramatic - every chase is like a fresh and theatrical romance. In love, he is very generous with compliments, gifts, attention, basically everything, and will make you feel very special. Leo Mars pride themselves in their manliness and the one they like is often like a trophy to them… so if they do like you, you will feel like you’re worth a million dollars and like you are the most precious thing on the face of this earth.
Men with Mars in Leo: James Franco, Andrew Garfield, Donald Glover

Virgo Mars in Love – The Servant

These individuals, when trying to win your heart, will always readily offer a helping hand. Almost like a servant or personal assistant, they will help you with the “chores of life” and will take care of practical matters for you. They’ll pretty much do everything for you, so having a Virgo Mars court you is quite comfortable and quite the luxury. Always at your service, Virgo Mars will want to be so helpful to you that they become indispensable to your life – and that’s how they’ll win you over. They have immense attention for detail and remember all the little things you said or like and then cater to you accordingly. They are quite cautious in their pursuit and very analytical, making sure they know your preferences. Being the perfectionist that they are, they not only want to be the perfect man, but can also tend to treat others like projects, so they are picky when it comes to choosing someone worthy of the chase.
Men with Mars in Virgo: Dylan O’Brien, Idris Elba

Libra Mars in Love – The Lady’s Man

This is the typical Prince charming – somebody with Mars in Libra will want to please you, he will be super nice, charming, and will always consider your wants and needs. Libra is actually an unnatural placement for Mars – Mars wants to conquer egoistically and aggressively but Libra is very other-oriented and polite. These are the guys who will ask you “can I kiss you now?” - they never want to seem too aggressive or pushy. But they know exactly how to wrap someone around their finger and get what they want anyways. These individuals will share their lives with you and wants to be a part of yours. This is the very sweet and classy cheesy romance type. Their feminine side comes out when they like someone – they suddenly become teamplayers, those who would watch a romcom with you because they try to “get you”. They’d even go shopping with you and your girlfriends! Anything to understand you and conquer you that way.
Men with Mars in Libra: Jared Padalecki, Chris Pine, Eddie Redmayne, Liam Payne

Scorpio Mars in Love – The Seducer

When attracted to someone, Mars in Scorpio will do everything in his power to seduce his love interest. It is likely that their dark side can come out when in love – they will chase their person of interest and be highly vindictive against anybody else who might show interest in them. They tend to obsess over a person and may even manipulate them into liking them back. They will exude a sexual, mysterious, and magnetic aura when chasing someone. This is definitely one of the most passionate and intense placements there is, it is almost animalistic. With all their attention focused on a single person, they will be mesmerizing and powerful. That is why Mars in Scorpio is usually very successful in conquering the person they like – because they commit to it 100%. A good sign that someone with this placement likes you is that they share secrets with you!
Men with Mars in Scorpio: Louis Tomlinson, Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, Calvin Harris

Sagittarius Mars in Love – The Partner in Crime

Sagittarius is the adventurer and the philosopher. A good sign that someone with their Mars in Sagittarius likes you is that they include you in their spontaneous explorations and philosophical ramblings. These individuals will be your partner in crime, taking you on small road trips or sharing their deep thoughts about the nature of the universe. Love, to them, is an adventure and a philosophy of life. In relationships, they enjoy freedom. That is why they probably won’t suffocate you with attention, but have a rather friendship-like approach. Being chased by a Mars in Sagittarius will be fun and exciting, but never too serious. The conquest of love is like a game to them and they will likely not commit to pursuing just one person, because they want to keep several options open. But when they do really like someone, they will idealize them and put them on a pedestal!
Men with Mars in Sagittarius: Michael Clifford, Ryan Gosling

Capricorn Mars in Love – Husband Material

In love, Capricorn Mars becomes quite serious and tries very hard to be taken serious by you. He wants to earn your respect more than anything else. That is why he will show off his achievements, and although he will act humble about them, he will want to appear like someone who "has made it", is "big in business", to look like a guy who can take care of you. Mars is exalted in Capricorn so these men have a big need to prove their potency as men - they are the bread winners and often define masculinity through their success or career. Capricorn Mars doesn’t want to look uncool by having their feelings not be reciprocated, and therefore these individuals usually aren’t very obvious about them liking you and just try to impress you instead, to be sure you’re interested too. Capricorn Mars is a solid man you can rely on, he is very careful and serious about the chase, tries to prove himself, and can be very cool and distant about the whole thing.
Men with Mars in Capricorn: Logan Lerman, Robert Pattinson, Ki Hong Lee, Avan Jogia

Aquarius Mars in Love – The Best Friend

The Aquarius Mars person will not be very obvious with their feelings – their way of conquering their person of interest is usually based on friendship, so it can be quite subtle and confusing being chased by them. It’s likely that you won’t even notice them giving you any more attention than any of their other friends, you’ll just be one of their buddies! Mars in Aquarius prefers freedom and independence in relationships so they will stay aloof and unattached. However, you’ll be able to tell that they like you when they start acting unconventional, wanting to prove to you how independent, quirky, free-spirited and weird they are! They like to experiment in love and don’t like the classic cheesy knight in shining armor role; they’d rather be your friend whom you can share intellectual conversations with. He will let you be yourself and accept all your flaws, since he doesn’t believe in fairytale romance, but rather in real connections based on friendship.
Men with Mars in Aquarius: Harry Styles, Drake, Justin Bieber, Calum Hood, Pharrell Williams, John Boyega

Pisces Mars in Love – The Poet

When a Mars in Pisces guy likes someone, they don’t become more of a “man” to prove themselves, they actually become really mushy – very romantic and poetic. These individuals are never more vulnerable and soft than when they are really attracted to someone. That is why they might be a bit shy or secretive about their feelings and will not likely make the first move or initiate anything.
Their chase is more passive than active – trying to build a deeper connection, a union with you, hoping it will make you reciprocate his feelings. He is poetic and a hopeless romantic. They are likely to sacrifice a lot for the person they’re interested in and even run danger in victimizing themselves, and giving a lot more than they receive.
He wants to lose himself in the chase of his idealized love. To him, love is a spiritual experience.
Men with Mars in Pisces: Tom Hiddleston, Joseph Gordon –Levitt, Ansel Elgort, Adam Levine


  1. Matt Healy has Mars in Gemini and yes he is a flirt when he "eyesfucks" the camera in interviews, for instance. And then, I saw that he has Mercury in Aries. And oh my God, he talks SO MUCH. Furthermore, he has the sextile between Mars and Mercury + the mutual reception of both planets. You can clearly sense that when you listen to him. Great article, btw! Keep up the good word! :)

  2. Louis Tomlinson has Mars in Sagittarius. All those charity matches are result of very giving Sagittarius Mars in trine with Moon in Leo. But he has Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpion, so he is also very intense in love.

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