02 May 2016

Tip for Interpreting Birth Charts : Context is key

One placement could mean several things so always look at the context of the whole chart.
The problem with "cookbook astrology" is that it tries to make precise descriptions for a vast number of people.

The context you need to consider is

  • The distribution of elements in the chart (fire, earth, air, water)
  • The distribution of modes/qualities in the chart (cardinal, fixed, mutable)
  • The distribution of the planets on the hemispheres (upper, lower, left, right)
Going back to these "basics" is very essential in getting a good grasp of a person, their temperament and focus in life.

The Elements

Here's an example:
I have Saturn in the 2nd House which means that somebody feels there is a lack (saturn) of resources (2nd house).
Many traditional astrologers would interpret this as struggling financially.
Even though I'm from a working class family, I always had everything that I wanted in a material sense.

My chart is basically all water and fire.
Water is emotions and intuition.
Fire is inspiration and motivation.

Where I feel I am lacking is in my personal worth, my talents, my own value, and emotional support.
Things and numbers are not that important to me.
Those things matter to earth (things) and air (numbers).

Pronounced Fire Energy
The energy of inspiration, motivation, passion, and intuition is strongest in this individual. What they care about is having fun and expressing themselves.

Pronounced Earth Energy
This person is very pragmatic, practical, down-to-earth, and dry. What they care about is seeing visible, material results.

Pronounced Air Energy
These people use their mind the most, they are logical, objective, and reasonable. What they care about are abstract ideas and concepts and the communicating of those.

Pronounced Water Energy
These people are sensitive and depend on their feelings. They are directed by nostalgia and empathy. What they care about are deep emotional connections, the past and its memories.

Thinking about which elements are lacking in the chart can also help you understand someone.

The Qualities

Pronounced Cardinal Energy
With a lot of cardinal energy in the chart, somebody will be very action-oriented. They will be impatient and eager to start new things. They are most concerned with the exciting and fresh start of something instead with pulling through, finishing, or sharing the experience.

Pronounced Fixed Energy
With a lot of fixed energy in the chart, somebody will be quite stubborn. These people don't like change and aren't happy when faced with uncertainty. They like to build something that lasts and focus on one thing for a long time. They want to finish and pull through with something and keep traditions.

Pronounced Mutable Energy
Somebody with a lot of mutable energy in the natal chart will find it easy to adapt to new situations. They are flexible and spontaneous and open to learning and adjusting to change. They go with the flow easily but don't necessarily initiate projects themselves or bring them to an end.

Again, a quality that is very weak in a chart shows the expression or direction of energy somebody will struggle with. A lack of mutable energy will make someone inflexible and not very spontaneous etc.

The Hemispheres

Pronounced upper (Southern) hemisphere
These people are more concerned with the world in general, the society, generations to come (big topics like justice, value systems, belief systems, occult studies, philsophy, politics, spirituality, may be more important than the confines of their private personal lives). They tend to focus not just on their own lives but on humanity (or even the universe) at large and the future.

Pronounced lower (Northern) hemisphere
These individuals are most concerned with their personal and private lives and things like their own identity, values and belongings, family, personal past and memories, hobbies and passions, daily work and chores. They tend to focus on what is most important and best for them in their lives. The future or the whole of humanity and big questions outside of their "mundane existence" are less important than perfecting their personal everyday lives.

Pronounced left (Eastern) hemisphere
These people are independent and self-involved. They live for themselves rather than others. To them, doing their own thing and putting themselves first is most important. They can be too egoistical.

Right (Western) hemisphere
These people are very social and other-oriented. They can tend to live for or through others. The most important thing to them is their relationships. They can be too co-dependent.


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