07 June 2016

Changing your Personality with Astrology ?

People ask me all the time whether they can change a part of their personality as indicated in the chart.
I think that, in a similar vein to physics and chemistry, personality, like what Albert Einstein said about energy, "cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."
We are born with inherent traits, as indicated in the birth chart.
I don't have an absolutely fatalistic approach to astrology, though.


Just like matter can change from solid to liquid or to gas, personality traits can be transformed to a certain degree - the destructive aspects of an astrological placement can be expressed constructively.
From ancient alchemy there is the allegory of the philosopher's stone which transmutes base metal into gold.
This was symbolic for the transformation of mental states to their highest and most conscious possible form and is also called exaltation.
Just like energy can't be destroyed or created, you cannot add anything to or subtract anything from your personality.
You can only transform something into a higher form of it, while the essence stays the same.
Considering that the potential for and the essence of the good traits of the astrological placements are already in you, this is a much more self-loving approach than "I have to get a different personality".

So how do you go from expressing the dramatic, self-important characteristics of the Leo moon, for example, to expressing the exalted state of the Leo moon, which is dignity, pride, warmth, and generosity?
I think it's about conscious focus.
Astrology gives us the blue print of our personality which helps tremendously with self-awareness.
Now you have all the tools you need to "exalt" your personality traits.
To help you become more aware and conscious, you could start by listing the good and bad traits of some of your placements and looking for celebrities who share them and are good or bad role models respectively.
Try to become aware of the ways in which you express your placements destructively and constructively and how and when the good or the bad traits come out.
When you fight parts of yourself they will only come out in more destructive ways. So embrace the good aspects of your chart placements instead.
It's all about refocusing.

Conscious focus

I want to write a little bit about what quantum physics tells us about how conscious focus shapes our reality.
You may have heard before that quantum theory says that atoms can act either as particles or as waves.
These "waves" are basically distributions of possibility (if I understood this correctly, at least. But who really understands quantum physics...)
As long as you do not measure the exact placement of an atom it could potentially exist anywhere within the space indicated by that "wave".
But when instruments make out the atom's exact placement then the distribution of possible placements changes from a wave into a dot (or a particle).
Because once the place is captured the possibility of the atom being there is then 100%.
And 0% everywhere else.

So as long as no consciousness is there to perceive or register an atom in a specific place it could potentially be at a lot of places.
Consciousness manifests potentials into a specific reality.
Your chart also is nothing but potentials.
How you focus your consciousness dictates how the many different potentials inherent in the placements will manifest specifically.

Knowing your chart and its potentials really well raises your consciousness and your power over reality.
You cannot change the fact that you have a Leo Moon and suddenly become a mature, humble and diligent Virgo Moon. But you can start expressing the positive traits of your Leo Moon if you are consciously aware of what they are and focus on them (because they are already in you).


  1. It seems like all the signs have positive and negative aspects and often the weaknesses are the same as the strengths, just taken to an extreme, like your Leo Moon example. I see this so much in people especially those I love. The focus my husband shows for his interests is part of what attracted me to him, but his inability to multi-task also drives me crazy. Two sides of the same coin. Thanks so much for this!

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