31 July 2016

Mars Aspects - How we express Anger

  • The conjunction, square, and opposition aspects are especially strong
  • The tighter the orb, the stronger the aspect

Mars & Sun Aspect

This aspect makes for a dramatic and theatrical display of aggression and anger.
It's almost entertaining to watch.
Since the sun and mars go quite well together, the expression of anger will be frequent but healthy, since it's typically not bottled up.
These people are also really impatient so having to wait can be the frustrating thing that makes them angry or grumpy.
They act impulsively and with an egoistical disregard of others.
The world is their battleground so what makes them most angry is losing, not being first, not getting what they want.
They have an overall aggressive personality.

Mars & Moon Aspect

Those with Moon/Mars aspects are crybabies that may often throw temper tantrums.
They are quite irritable and easily feel offended or attacked.
Then, they act up and play the innocent, weak, and hurt, to get their way.
Their childlike side is their weapon.
They get most angry when they feel like others are being insensitive or inconsiderate towards them.
The Moon-Mars person may be used to being in environments charged with angry and aggressive energy (at home, with their family) so they are very sensitive to it and habitually rush to defense.

Mars & Mercury Aspect

With this aspect, aggression and anger takes place on a mental level. These people are especially impatient with slow and stupid people. They also hate to lose arguments.
Once they are angry, they will likely express it through verbal attacks, swearing, and insults.
Their battles take place verbally. Or sometimes in written form - these may bully others online or feel more comfortable expressing their anger through words than actions.
They also take a lot of pride in being able to outwit others and win arguments.
Because they are competitive on an intellectual level, they interpret other people's differing opinions or disagreements as personal attacks and are quick to defend themselves.
They may have sharp tongues and can be mean or threatening in the way they talk.

Mars & Venus Aspect

This may be the most "civilized" expression of anger.
Instead of being blatantly angry or aggressive, these people merely become kind of rude, inconsiderate and unfair. Excluding others, silent treatment or mobbing up against someone are about the extent of anger and revenge of this placement.
That is not to say that this is not an awful way to be treated but this placement is not physically violent (which may, in some cases, be even worse - sometimes anger just needs to be expressed directly).
Retreating out of interaction with you or saying that they accept your apology but obviously not meaning it can be very frustrating.
They want the appearance of peace more than actual peace so they'll hide their anger behind a facade of politeness.
Aspect of Venus and Mars are associated with popularity contests, beauty competitions, fighting for affection and attention and other petty stereotypical "cat fights".
These people will be pissed if someone doesn't follow the etiquette of buying presents on birthdays, saying please and thank you and the like.

Mars & Jupiter Aspect

Jupiter aspect are probably the easiest to interpret, because it literally just exaggerates anything it touches. This simply creates excessive amounts of aggression and overreactions.
There is a big need to prove one's potency.
Their anger feels more like a ridiculous act than a genuine expression of discontent. Since these people tend to take themselves rather seriously, their reactions to injustice are extreme.
Especially beliefs are a touchy subject for these people. They may fight for their own beliefs or attack those of others.
They are quite preachy too and will start talking about how what you have done was not virtuous, morally wrong, and so on.
This aspect also creates a lot of faith and trust that voicing their anger will help them achieve what they want so there's no reason for them to hold back.

Mars & Saturn Aspect

How does a Mars Saturn person express anger? They usually don't.
They hold it in, grinding their teeth.
Usually, especially when younger, this person feels too awkward to explode and show a passionate display of anger. So they swallow it instead. They don't want to stand out or cause controversy.
These individuals are quite cautious in general and sometimes they can even be rather numb or paralyzed.
There may be a fear of confrontation, violence and aggression, so they control it in themselves and others.
These people can actually be very dominating because they want to defend law and order. Mars Saturn is a police or military aspect. Once they do express their anger, they are like an intimidating authority and give you a bad conscience.
It feels as if a parent, teacher or boss is sanctioning you.

Mars & Uranus Aspect

The Mars-Uranus person is very impatient and stubborn: they want to get their way as quickly as possible and are easily provoked when they are fenced in or when people make rules for them and tell them what they can and can't do.
Then it may end it in sudden and immediate eruptions of anger. There doesn't seem to be a gradual build-up to the explosion, they just fly off the handle out of the blue.
Once they're angry, they will probably just leave the scene and will want to be left alone. When a situation gets heated they go "I'm out, bye!"
They definitely need some space to be able to calm down. This is also the #1 configuration that will explode once they're told to calm down. When someone tells them "stop being so aggressive" or "don't be angry at me" then they definitely will be angry.
Mars-Uranus is also infamous for being accident-prone. They jump into things without thinking, they do not follow rules or safety precautions, so they easily get into trouble (or accidents).
They're very spontaneous and love danger and thrills.
They may anger others because they can be quite provocative and test out their own limits and boundaries - they love to see just how far they can go.

Mars & Neptune Aspect

Mars-Neptune is not so much aggressive as it is passive aggressive.
Rather than exploding and physically expressing their rage, these people tend to guilt trip others by playing the victim or using other forms of manipulation.
This is definitely a tough placement, since it leads to apathy and passivity.
Asserting your own will may seem like a dream too far away to even try reaching.
Often, these people are simply too compassionate and understanding of others so they just end up accepting maltreatment and do not react with anger. Having clear boundaries is very hard for these individuals.
With this aspect, there is a lack of direction - there may be some constant anger that can't be expressed because its aimed at everything and nothing. This scattered energy that dissolves quickly and finds no real release can be very frustrating.

Mars & Pluto Aspect

These people may be paranoid about how "everyone is out to get them". They have a survival-of-the-fittest-attitude.
That is why they are very defensive and once somebody does intrude on their territory, they will have no mercy and react with rage and wrath.
This is definitely a pretty extreme aspect. These people hold grudges for a long time and they are very vengeful
They may have experienced cruelty when younger so there's a need to regain power in their lives. They generally distrust others and easily interpret other people's actions as an assault or violation.
And once they feel threatened, they will defend themselves, ruthlessly so.
Like the bee that stings you when it feels threatened and would literally die so long as it does not go down without a revenge, the Mars-Pluto person needs to have a sense of power no matter what.

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  1. I'm an aries so my chart ruler is mars making the aspects made to it even more important..I have my mars in cancer (fall) square my sun, opposite neptune, opposite uranus, and trine my mercury and pluto (thank god)... these are all at very tight orbs as well - less than three degree orbs. Oh man is it a mess or what x


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