25 July 2016

Moon Aspects - Personal Space and Comforting others

The Moon represents our personal comfort zone, our boundaries, our own little bubble.
Aspects to the moon show how protective we are of this space and how much or how little we allow others to comfort us or how much or how little we take care of others.

If you have several Moon aspects, the one with the smallest orb will be the strongest.

Moon & Mercury Aspects

Aspects of Moon and Mercury make for someone that rationalizes their feelings and thinks about them rather than simply feeling them.
They will also have this same approach to the feelings of  others: they can talk about feelings on an intellectual level, but they have a hard time having heartfelt conversations. This is especially true for the square and opposition. The sextile and trine aspect and even the conjunction can often lead to someone who is really good at verbalizing feelings.
However, others may feel like they can't put what they feel into words when speaking, but can write it down. Either way, this person often only knows how they feel once it has been said out loud or written down.
Intellectualizing emotional situations can often make them seem quite insensitive. Their way of comforting others is giving sound, practical advice or making a step-by-step plan. But anything that is too mushy and emotional will make them feel awkward, because it's not something they can solve with their minds.

Moon & Venus Aspects

These people want to keep a nice and peaceful atmosphere at all costs and are thus generally quite caring and will make sure that everyone feels good, welcome, and that there are harmonious group dynamics.
Often, however, especially with the hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) the need to please everyone and for a nice and conflict-free environment can cause them to be rather insensitive.
They don't like showing negative emotions such as sadness, jealousy, or anger and don't like others expressing those either.
"Let's all share our emotions - but only so long as they are nice and pleasant!!"
When somebody is sad, they will comfort them, because, to them, all well-being is relational well-being. So if others are unhappy, they are unhappy.
However, since they consider the social dynamics of feelings so much, they can also be the ones to say "suck it up, you're dragging everyone else down!"

Moon & Mars Aspects

Somebody with a Mars/Moon aspect will have a clearly defined territory and prefer to "take care of their feelings" on their own. Mars is an aggressive planet so these people won't be very gentle in dealing with others and can be very defensive about their personal space.
However, since Mars also deals with assertion, these people can be very direct about their feelings as well. They will erupt suddenly and very strongly.
Although they do not like feeling vulnerable, they can sometimes surprise others by being very frank and expressive about their feelings (but showing passion and anger definitely comes easier to them than showing sadness).
Mars is a selfish planet so these people won't necessarily care that much about how others feel. This is a very childlike placement: somebody that expresses their feelings directly without reflecting on how it will make others feel.

Moon & Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter exaggerates anything it touches so this aspect can be one of overmothering and being super caring. It can be a bit overwhelming, even.
Although the Moon/Jupiter person will readily comfort others, it can seem a bit condescending and like it's coming from a place of superiority. Rather than having empathy, they will pity others. This can create more distance than common ground, as if they're saying "I can't relate to you because you're down there and I'm up here."
This aspect brings lots of enthusiasm and optimism so they can be rather insensitive towards feelings of sadness. They will likely try to cheer you up and give advice. They are like the guru who always knows what to do to get out of a slump and be inspired and happy again.
They do not like anybody wallowing in negative feelings so they'll do anything to motivate you. Concentrating so much on making the feelings go away rather than just being with them can make you feel like you're not supposed to feel this way.

Moon & Saturn Aspects

Saturn is the planet of boundaries so this aspect is very straight-forward: it creates a very limited and defined comfort zone. Feelings are kept from going out or going in.
These people are reserved and keep others at a distance, which can make them seem cold.
Because these people have often been deprived of emotional intimacy or nurturing relationships, they are very awkward with touchy-feely stuff.
They think the best way to deal with emotions is for everyone to take care of them themselves.
And by that they mean: hide them and try to get rid of them.
It's a very big challenge for this person to even learn to be comfortable with their own emotions and even more so with those of others.
But Saturn has great potential for growth and maturity, so these people can learn to handle emotionally charged situations in a very calm way and thus comfort everyone.

Moon & Uranus Aspects

Uranus is a pretty detached and impersonal planet. Rather than caring about individuals, these people are very humanitarian and want to heal the world, rather than a single person.
They care more about taking care of the group or all of human kind rather than comforting a person close to them. They may seem cold and detached, but they do care - just on a less personal and on a more collective level. Somebody who knows a Moon/Uranus person may think "if you want world peace, why not start with the people around you?"
Uranus definitely needs personal space and hates to be suffocated or trapped by relationships that are too intimate. This is the planets that breaks free from limitations, explodes them suddenly.
That is why, with a Uranus/Moon person, you never know what you get: they either shock you by suddenly running away once it gets serious or they may shock you by suddenly invading your space. There's not much in-between.

Moon & Neptune Aspects

Neptune makes everything blurry and unclear.
On the upside of this aspect, people who have Moon/Neptune contacts are the most empathetic and sensitive people of the zodiac.
They feel everything as strongly as others and absorb the emotions around them.
However, with boundaries this loose and unclear, they unconsciously merge and unite with those of others.
This leads to either their own boundaries being abused without them realizing or them abusing the boundaries of others without realizing.
They can also be a bit too naive and comfort others by saying "everything will be fine" without offering practical advice or help. But they will always be there for you and feel your pain.

Moon & Pluto Aspects

This is the scorpion that will sting anyone that gets too close.
Moon/Pluto people need lots of privacy and personal space and hate intrusion.
Those who do not respect that will experience their venom and revenge.
However, if someone with this aspect does really care about somebody else, they can be quite stalkerish. They will take care of someone in hidden and secret ways because openly caring about someone makes them feel too vulnerable.
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