11 July 2016

Sun Saturn Aspects ☉♄

The sun is our inner light and how we shine as individuals. Saturn brings structure but does so by creating boundaries and limitations. Having the sun aspected by Saturn is kind of like dimming your own light, like a cloud in front of the sun. These people are quite reserved and never want to act over the top or be in the center of attention. Their limited self-expression can make them feel small, shy , silenced, insecure, ignored, unimportant.

These individuals do not want to break rules or draw negative attention. They are so scared of criticism, of not being good enough, that they hold back from letting their unique personality out. If you want to avoid  criticism, you will also avoid praise. You won't risk the latter in fear of the former. So you do not express, do not show your talents, you aren't proud of anything you've done or created, fearing the embarrassment  of them not being received well. You sell yourself short and feel uncomfortable when people have high expectations of you.

"The person wants their picture on the board but doesn't want to be seen to be wanting it, because on some level they believe that the picture isn't good enough or that they aren't good enough to be in the spotlight that way." ~ Sue Tompkins - Aspects in Astrology

Saturn in aspect to the sun is like a prison for proud self-expression.
These people can appear somewhat like a dog with a tucked in tail: feeling small and submissive whenever somebody criticizes them.

Sun and Saturn create performance anxiety: not just in the form of stage fright, but concerning all peformance in everyday life.
The best advice for this placement is the good old "don't worry what people think about you because they don't. Everybody else also merely worries about how they look."

With the hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) the fear of being shunned or sanctioned is especially inhibiting.
These people are cautious and can be quite prude, stuck up - the "bore" or "party pooper".

On the upside of this aspect there's an ability to be really focused on improving yourself. Those with Sun/Saturn aspects are disciplined and reliable. Although sometimes too pessimistic about themselves, they are pretty realistic and reliable otherwise.
Sun and Saturn will make a person conservative in the good sense of the word: they conserve values and have integrity.

Although they do take themselves very seriously and fear being insignificant, taking yourself seriously also means that you know yourself well and don't brush off injustice or disrespectful behavior directed at you.
An evolved expression of the Sun/Saturn aspect is a person that knows their own value and thus has high standards and is selective about what things and people are worth investing their time into. They have a clear sense of boundaries and don't let themselves be taken advantage of.

The Sun/Saturn person is typically the voice of reason and, once they are evolved enough to have a good sense of self-worth and confidence, they are the authoritative boss, the person in command.
At the same time, they are humble and non-pretentious. They are so secure in their self-esteem that they do not have to brag or be flashy.
They expect a lot from themselves, are ambitious, decision-makers and put in hard work to achieve their goals. They do not take the easy way out or make excuses. Instead, they are disciplined, independent and respectful of both themselves and others.

Although the hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) usually tend to show the more negative traits of the planetary combination and the soft aspects (trine, sextile) usually show the more positive ones, this is not necessarily the case.
The hard aspects bring so much tension that we are forced to grow and evolve. There is usually such a strong sense of insecurity that a person works very hard to build confidence from the inside and work on their skills and deserve respect from the outside.
On the other hand, the soft aspects flow easily and smoothly, so they come with a sense of laziness. People don't feel that being obedient is that bad, so they don't have a strong push that leads them to change. However, they are also less serious and insecure, and are mature from a young age.


  1. Great article! I have a brother who has a conjunction in Pisces with a Leo AS and a Mars retrograde on it. He wants to shine, but has difficulties attaining this state. Then, an ex-lover has the same: Mars in Leo (well aspected) and Sun-Saturn around the Descendant: He is pretty shy (he says it himself), but loves or should I say craves the attention and the compliments. A bit like my brother. Mars in Leo is a real show-off, but with a Sun-Saturn aspect, it's kind of "shut down".

    1. Thats true, I can totally relate to that. I have the sun saturn square and moon and mars in leo. its a struggle.
      thank you for the comment :)

  2. I define myself as passive, yes, I hate.
    I have my libra sun (8th house) opposing my Saturn in Aries. (2nd house). not fucking easy lol

  3. Nice article, Marina! I have the trine so the positive traits come very naturally to me and it does make me lazy in the sense that I don't have to work for those traits at all.

  4. Great article.
    Sun conjunct saturn in aquarius. I have every need to consistently improve on myself.
    I was always the kind to have the need to rebel but would talk myself out of it. Ow the older ri get and Saturn being in my 1st for this transit I'm learning that it's alright be myself and to improve myself not for the needs of others but to improve because it's something that I want to do.

  5. Well written article! My Leo Sun forms a tight sextile to Saturn AND Jupiter(and those two are both exactly conjunct each other at 5°Libra/6th house) - and then add in the fact that my °5 Cancer Mars/3rd house makes two exact squares to my Libra Jupiter & Saturn. And to top it off, I have an Aries Ascendant which makes Mars my CHART RULER,further exacerbating the situation(Mars only makes one sextile in my chart- to Venus in 1°Virgo/5th house). Soooo, I personally don't fit into those general Sun/Saturn interpretations that are talked about in this article, ESPECIALLY the part about people who have Sun/Saturn sextiles or trines - "...the soft aspects flow easily and smoothly, so they come with a sense of laziness." - LOL! That is DEFINITELY NOT the case for me, also because my Ascendant AND Mars are BOTH in SEVERAL different majorly stressful, albeit incredibly energizing & encouragingly transformative T-squares scattered ALL OVER my chart...so feeling a "sense of laziness" from that Sun/Saturn soft aspect is something that I have never felt or experienced. Quite the contrary due to many other factors. The plethora of T-squares in my chart makes me feel like I'm being fueled by an engine from a super fast Ferrari sports car that has top-notch powerful horsepower - I'm like the Energizer Bunny, I literally keep going and going and going with the determination and tenacity of a passionately resilient advocater warrior for the betterment of this twisted world who possesses an indomitable will for the right causes. Thankfully several other aspects in my chart keep me HUMBLE, SINCERELY KIND & RESPECTFUL to EVERYONE(until given a reason to act otherwise). It's mainly having my Leo Sun conjunct the 5th house cusp which is extremely well-aspected, forming the sextiles to Jup/Sat, an out-of-sign sextile to my Taurus moon and Sun is also trine Uranus. Oh, and it's in a tight conjunction with my N.Node in Leo(which I've read can be very beneficial for the individual...?), so yea, having the very healthy Leo Sun is my Godsend & its soft aspects have been the "key" for me to balance out the many strenuously hard, daunting aspects in my chart- learning exactly how to utilize my strong attributes to deal with & find creative ways to grow from and stabilize my chart's otherwise erratically chaotic, roadblock-filled & unpredictable nature- my 26°Taurus moon/2nd house is opposite 26°Scorpio Uranus/8th house- that's one of the main culprits which contributes to the never-ending unpredictable & often very traumatic & upsetting situations which always seem to happen OUT OF NOWHERE, blind-siding me every time! And both(Moon & Uranus) form a T-square with Venus, which is the apex planet in that maddeningly difficult T-square in my chart- YUP, I MOST DEFINITELY BENEFIT A GREAT DEAL from having a lifetime prescription for Xanax- lol seriously, no joke! Without benzos, I truly don't know if I could cope & deal w/ all of the many setbacks and extraordinarily trials & tribulations that life has thrown at me my whole life(& continues to do so). I actually COULD(if I HAD to) make it through life w/out the help from my PTSD/anxiety med, but it'd be insanely grueling & arduous to do so- no thanks!
    Ok, well I'll SHUT UP now & stop rambling. I'm abundantly long-winded and quite scatterbrained when writing about interestingly fascinating topics like astrology here because I LOVE communicating with and hearing/reading any kind of genuine feedback, opinions and/or ideas from all different kinds of people in reply to the comments I post. ANY added info, perceptions or dialogue that anuone might have to offer would be immensely appreciated...if not, maybe next time, hahah... My email address is FireLions33@gmail.com so please feel free to write me to talk about ANYTHING ASTROLOGY! Hearing from other astrology enthusiasts like myself about any topic would be awesome & greatly appreciated! Hope to hear from anyone! David


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