07 July 2016

Your Microcosm for $3.99

This month (July 2016) my book Your Microcosm is only $3.99 on Amazon Kindle!! You can read it with the smartphone app, computer software, or on the kindle e-reader.

Here's a look at the first pages:

Every child is born into a specific arrangement of celestial bodies and each of them represents an archetypal principle.
The solar system at the moment of a child’s first breath, with all its energetic interplays and potentials, imprints itself onto the mind of the newborn baby. So, what astrology basically says is that we are a sort of extension of the universe, a representation of it in human form.
There are probably many layers inherent in this microcosm-macrocosm structure that are smaller than the cells in our bodies and larger than our universe that we are not even aware of. There seems to be an underlying pattern that connects everything and makes everything alike, no matter at what scale. That’s what the ancient alchemical principle “As above, so below” is about. Although light, heat and electromagnetic rays as well as gravitational pulls reach us from the planets of the solar system, I like to think that it’s not the actual celestial bodies that have this astrological influence on us. Rather, they’re just yet another representation of the patterns and structures inherent in this universe that organize everything. It’s not Venus that affects us by sending down magical waves; Venus is an embodiment and representation of that effect that exerts itself on the whole cosmos. Our solar system is one of many microcosms inherent in this Russian doll universe, so it’s just a representation of something even bigger – just like the cells in our bodies represent the genetics of our whole body.
Alan Watts said that “as the ocean ‘waves’, the universe ‘peoples’”. A wave is a thing in itself yet completely inseparable from the entirety of the ocean. Every soul is like a stream born from a soul ocean. It is impossible for the human mind to fully conceptualize of the fact that there is nothing but the universe, that there is nothing outside of it. Our reality is one of relativity, where we can only define things in relation to other things. I am me, because I am not you – or this rock or this tree. This building is tall because the one next to it is small. But there is nothing outside of the universe (universum, all encompassing) so there’s nothing to compare it to and define it through. We live in a world of cause and effect. But there is no cause of the universe, because if it is the only thing in existence, nothing outside of itself could have caused it. It just is. And it is all that there is. Some people call this all-encompassing presence inherent in all life God. In “The Book: The Taboo against knowing who you are”, Watts writes: “God also likes to play hide-and-seek, but because there is nothing outside God, he has no one but himself to play with. But he gets over this difficulty by pretending that he is not himself. This is his way of hiding from himself. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the animals, all the plants, all the rocks, and all the stars.”
Everything in existence would then merely be a thought within an infinite consciousness. The universe is then mental rather than physical. We are just the product of a momentary thought in the mind of god or the universe. Since the universe is mental, since it is the mind, the consciousness out of which everything arises, astrology is a way of studying the psychology of the universe, becoming aware of and analyzing the mind that has thought us into existence. We are of course but a tiny fraction of the mental processes of the universe so we will never be able to fully grasp and understand the enormity of it.
Just like a mole rat would never understand the concept of vision and just like we can never fully mentally grasp what five dimensions would look like (sure, a fourth dimension could be seen as adding time to the three-dimensional space, but then what?) there is no point in getting caught up in trying to conceptualize of something that is outside of human understanding. Some people make “spiritual enlightenment” their goal, to transcend their personal boundaries, become one with the whole cosmos, and take in the perspective of god consciousness. Personally, I have learned to fall in love with this game, with being a unique expression of universal patterns and archetypes, seeing them in myself and in others. We would not be human if it had not been our intention in the first place.
The cosmos individualized itself as people purposely. The planets are constantly cycling around the sun on their own orbit, forming unique patterns, depending on their mathematical relationships to each other. What a birth chart or a horoscope of a person is, is a snapshot of the constellations of the celestial bodies at the time and in relationship to the place on earth they were born. If you take a snapshot of every moment in the universe, it creates a continuum, and you could cut out individual slices and they would be the birth chart of a person. That birth chart is a moment in space-time and it represent the person – their personality, their life potentials, their celestial, psychological imprints. We are snapshots of our solar system. We are a conscious expression of a moment in space-time, we are the cosmos individualized as a person.
What this says about the meaning of life or our individual purpose is that this is an opportunity for the universe, for God, to explore itself, to become conscious of itself. To actively experience the archetypes, play around with them and become able to grasp them. Every birth chart is a new combination of archetypes, a new possibility for the universe to get to know itself – because nothing is outside of it, it has to define itself by looking inside itself.
A person’s iris is as unique as a fingerprint. The galaxy-like patterns and the star-like specks make it look like a little universe. We all know the phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul” but have you ever studied someone’s iris and felt that their soul was really just a snapshot of the cosmos?
You will soon realize that this particular stranger is not a universe. They are the universe. The same one as you. In yet another disguise.

The psychological alphabet of the universe

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.”Khalil Gibran

I now want to get deeper into the specifics of the underlying patterns and structures of the mind. Albert Einstein said that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” and if the universe (God) created all these formulas, that means the parts of the astrological chart and their interplays, we won’t ever be able to fully understand them. Instead of pointing out what Mercury means, we can associate it with “mind”, “intellect”, “communication” - all of the above are related to Mercury, but none of them are Mercury.
The associations are not the archetype. The archetypes will, in their essence, stay forever untouchable to the human mind, because we did not create them, we are created from them. We are expressions of those archetypes, so our consciousness is not able to grasp them. That is, of course, the problem with trying to prove astrology – we can’t ever do it. Nor can we disprove it. It would be like a Sim becoming conscious of the fact that it is in a computer game and then trying to figure out how the game The Sims has been programmed (actually, scientists are now analyzing the theory that the universe is a computer simulation).
We can simply observe and find things to associate with the archetypes – which is the astrological alphabet of the zodiac signs, planets and houses. When you first get into astrology, you might only care about the zodiac signs, but the more you study astrological charts, the more you realize that the planets are the protagonists of the chart and that the signs and houses form a kind of backdrop to them. The planets are the parts of our psyche. They have been turned into gods and goddesses in mythologies all over the globe, since the beginning of the human race. You can see the same stories coming up in cultures all around the world. That is what an archetype is, by the way: an image or story that exists in the minds of people independent of cultural, ethnic and geographical background – independent of time and space. These are the universals of the experience of life. Fairytale-, movie- and book characters such as the witch, the hero, the sidekick, the villain, the rebel without a cause, plot devices such as the initiation, the point of no return, the grand finale and the return home – all these universals that make up the narrative of all cultures across the globe and throughout human history.
Carl Jung has come up with the theory of the collective unconscious, which says that we, each of us, do not have a collective unconscious mind but are in fact embedded in it, like water that is always surrounding us, and as humanity develops, we collectively add to this mind and we all have more or less conscious access to it.
At the smallest scale, there is no such thing as “matter”, everything is energy. That energy that animates all of life has been called chi in the Chinese tradition and prana in India, and there are many more names for this vital energy that has been categorized into yin and yang (the light and dark, feminine and masculine), the four temperaments melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine and choleric and the associated bodily fluids or humours blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm, which were believed to have to be in balance in order to provide physical and mental health. There have been distinctions into elements in different cultures, both in the east and the west – the striking similarity is that people have always seen a kind of system which divides the basic energy into different types of expression. In astrology, there are the four elements of fire, earth, air and water as well as the three qualities of cardinal, fixed and mutable.

Fire: Energetic, motivational, inspirational
Earth: Pragmatic, realistic, reliable
Air: Intellectual, logic, sociable
Water: Emotional, intuitive, empathetic

Cardinal: Direct, assertive, initiates and begins
Fixed: Slow, steady, finishes and pulls through
Mutable: Adaptable, scattered, shares and learns

Each sign in the Zodiac Wheel is a combination of one element and one quality and is associated with one of the planets and houses.

  1. Aries, cardinal fire, Mars, 1st House
  2. Taurus, fixed earth, Venus, 2nd House
  3. Gemini, mutable air, Mercury, 3rd House
  4. Cancer, cardinal water, Moon, 4th House
  5. Leo, fixed fire, Sun, 5th House
  6. Virgo, mutable earth, Mercury, 6th House
  7. Libra, cardinal air, Venus, 7th House
  8. Scorpio, fixed water, Pluto, 8th House
  9. Sagittarius, mutable fire, Jupiter, 9th House
  10. Capricorn, cardinal earth, Saturn, 10th House
  11. Aquarius, fixed air, Uranus, 11th House
  12. Pisces, mutable water, Neptune, 12th House

These are the twelve letters of the Astrological Alphabet – although the signs, planets and houses of each respective letter mean slightly different things, they represent a common archetypal theme. This is what the different components of the astrological letters stand for:

Planets: parts of our psyche, the gods and goddesses that incarnate and act through us, archetypal expressions of universal energy
Signs: a sort of stained glass window in front of the planets, coloring the expression of them, giving them unique qualities and traits and influencing the way their energetic principle is expressed
Houses: areas of experience, parts of our lives and selves in which the planetary energies, colored by the traits of the zodiac signs, are expressed in

An analogy that I really like is seeing the planets as actors, who take on the roles or costumes of the signs they’re in and play on the stages indicated by the houses they’re in. By exploring the positions of the planets in the signs and houses, you will achieve a great understanding of yourself – which is probably my personal favorite part of astrology. These are just a few of the things you can learn;

Sun: Why do I act and express myself the way I do?
Moon: Why do I react and feel the way I do?
Mercury: Why do I think and communicate the way I do?
Venus: Why do I express affection the way I do?
Mars: Why do I express anger and passion the way I do?
Jupiter: Where do I feel most confident and where do I push my luck?
Saturn: Where do I feel most anxious and where do I need to realize authority?
Uranus: Where do I rebel and innovate?
Neptune: Where do I lose touch with reality and escape it?
Pluto: Where do I feel most powerless and need to let go of ego to transform?

Through an easy keyword system, one can get a general idea of what each placement of a planet in a sign and house means. Simply fill in the blanks to form a sentence describing your birth chart placements;

I express my ____________ (planet) in a ___________ (sign) way and it is primarily focused at ___________ (house).

Sun: identity
Moon: emotions
Mercury: thoughts
Venus: charm and affection
Mars: assertion and passion
Jupiter: wisdom and beliefs
Saturn: authority or fear
Uranus: rebellion and innovation
Neptune: imagination and escapism
Pluto: power and powerlessness

Aries: direct and assertive
Taurus: slow and sensual
Gemini: quick and intellectual
Cancer: sensitive and nurturing
Leo: dramatic and generous
Virgo: productive and serving
Libra: fair and charming
Scorpio: intense and deep
Sagittarius: idealistic and exaggerated
Capricorn: responsible and ambitious
Aquarius: individualistic and eccentric
Pisces: passive and allowing

1st House: my identity
2nd House: my self-worth and possessions
3rd House: the way I express my ideas and communicate
4th House: my family and home life, my privacy
5th House: my creativity, talents and hobbies
6th House: my routine and health
7th House: other people and relationships
8th House: my secrets and personal transformations
9th House: my worldview and education
10th House: my image in the public and my career
11th House: my network and aspirations
12th House: my unconscious and behind-the-scenes

To get a first idea and image of your chart, you can write out a sentence of each of your placements on a sheet of paper.

Generally speaking, the sun is our point of consciousness and the further away a planet is from the sun - all the way from Mercury to Pluto - the more unconscious and the more collective their respective principle is.
The farther away from the sun, the bigger the orbit and the longer the path around the sun. That is why the outer planets are also known as generational planets, since they stay in one sign for many years and color generations more so than individuals – contrary to the sun, which changes signs every month, or the moon, which changes signs every 2,5 days! This is why, in this book, there will be descriptions of all planets in the houses, but only the inner, personal planets in the signs of the zodiac! I think a clearer description and distinction of signs and houses would be appropriate here:

Signs: Division of the ecliptic (the plane on which all planets, except for Pluto, reside and orbit) into 12 equal parts. The signs are, in western tropical astrology, divisions of the sky, and not the actual constellations.
Houses: Depend on the diurnal (daily) motion of the earth, that means the earth spinning around its own axis. As the earth spins around itself once a day, all planets pass through all twelve houses within that day. This makes houses more individual, since they change every few hours – it shows their placement relative to the horizon and other points in the sky that change throughout the day.

There are more factors that play into the life and personality of a person other than the astrological ones – gender identity, ethnicity, cultural, societal, historic and geographical background and so on. Yet these astrological archetypes are completely universal and independent of these factors – archetypes conquer barriers set by time or space. My twin sister and I were born a mere minute apart through c-section, so we pretty much share a birth chart. This has been a perfect opportunity for me to explore and analyze the things that are “set in stone” in a birth chart and those that are individual and independent of the horoscope. By comparing myself and my life to that of my sister, I have come to realize that horoscopes show distinct potentials but no specific outcomes. The two of us always joke about how talking to each other is like becoming more conscious of yourself, like conversing with yourself, your own subconscious. Our conversations always accelerate self-awareness and personal growth.
The astrological birth chart is all about potential – about the easiest and most natural flow of energy. You can let yourself be dragged downstream and have all the worst possibilities indicated in your chart come true, or, with self-awareness and the willingness to grow, make great use of your potentials. As the level of consciousness rises, the level of free will rises. As we free ourselves from subconscious dictations, we free ourselves from dictations of “destiny”.
The letters of the astrological alphabet, the twelve zodiac signs, the twelve houses and the ten planets, are what structure the whole universe but also each individual. A random person like you, living somewhere on this planet, for a period of time that won’t even add up to a mere blink of an eye in the life of the universe, might feel very small. We might feel like the gods are without but they’re equally within. You can call upon the gods, which is really just to make the unconscious conscious. The planetary archetypes are energetic patterns stored in the collective unconscious that are individualized in the personal unconscious, depending on the unique placement of that planet in someone’s birth chart. If Venus is in Taurus in your chart, for example, you will channel the collective energetic pattern of affection in a sensual way. All letters of the astrological language are just specific energies or vibrations that we as humans personify. We live in a quantum universe where everything is energy. A table is made up of the same energy as the feeling of love, the thought “I like pudding” or a tree – the energy just vibrates at different frequencies to create these “things”. Reality is not so much a hallucination, though, as it is a projection. The universal mind, that is split up into individual consciousnesses, is the projector. If your chart then shows that you are a pessimistic person who sees limitations everywhere, this makes you a certain type of projector that will project those things into their reality. That is how I see the interrelatedness of the personality and the life experience being shown in the birth chart. Personality creates personal reality. You have a limited view on life, which will make your life be limited, which will reassure you of your belief that life is limited and so on. We create our reality according to what we believe about it. A belief is a thought we have thought enough to make it unconscious and automatic, we think it without realizing and it orders our reality accordingly without us realizing.
If we are, for example, born into a family that keeps on telling us “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you only earn it through hard work!”, and we internalize those beliefs, we will keep on looking for money in places where it is hard to get, we will conclude that earning money is tough, which will strengthen the belief “money is earned only through suffering” and it is a vicious downwards spiral, leading us deeper into a financial struggle.
Once we are aware of the beliefs we hold and the unconscious patterns that control us and our lives, we can work to exalt them – to make the best possible use of those potentials. For example, the belief about hard-earned money might come from Saturn in the 2nd house. That same placement, however, also indicates that money is taken seriously and dealt with responsibly. So you could change the belief  “earning money is hard” into “I take full responsibility of my finances and handle them effectively”. That is why there is no such thing as an inherently bad or inherently good placement in astrology. Challenging configurations urge us to grow and easy configurations might keep us stuck in the same behavior that has always seemed to work – until it doesn’t.
Our whole reality is shaped by our beliefs because they are our most automatic and unconscious thoughts. We don’t even know what our beliefs are until we actively explore them.
In the system of the Astrological Alphabet, we are stories written across the cosmos. We are daydreams of the universal psyche. When we realize we are daydreaming, we can change that dream through our awareness.

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