02 August 2016

Mars Jupiter Aspects ♂♃

Aspects between Mars and Jupiter bring lots of energy and enthusiasm. These people are very driven to the point of being hyperactive. They are very motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic.
They do not shy away from confrontation. Actually, they can come on more strongly than they intended. They may surprise themselves, because they can be so aggressive, direct, and proactive.
Their energy levels are off the charts and they believe in whatever they are doing so they openly promote themselves and can be rather pushy.
They don't quite know what's enough and when to stop.
These people may also overextend themselves and end up depleting all their energy at once.

Mars-Jupiter is really good at motivating others or inspiring them to take action.
Since Jupiter is the guru and Mars is the warrior, this combination is kind of like the Nike slogan "Just do it."
Taking inspired actions and acting on your beliefs or believing in what you do is the biggest strength of this aspect. Because they have so much faith in themselves, what they do often turns out well and inspires others.
These are the people you will find fighting for justice and defending morals, too.

Sailor Jupiter

With their faith in winning and expectation of victory comes great risk-taking, too.
The Mars-Jupiter person can be somewhat of a gambler, and often successfully so.
Being daring often leads to them becoming lucky (unless Jupiter is somehow debilitated in the chart).
They will spontaneously say yes to new opportunities or create them themselves.
Because of their optimism, they never stop standing up after falling down - they never lose their good spirits or give up on something they want to achieve.

"What is defeat? Nothing but education; Nothing but the first step to something better." 
Bruce Lee (Mars opposite Jupiter)

Being unable to accept defeat can, however, also be a weak point of this aspect.
The Mars-Jupiter individual is a really bad loser, simply because they won't even accept being a loser.
They will just try again until they win and unless they do, it was just "practice" or somehow "unfair".
There is an exaggerated need to prove one's potency and masculinity. Even the women with this placement will be really competitive and have a need to show their strength.
They're very reactive to dares and hate to be seen as cowards so they tend to push themselves towards being overly reckless and brave.

Since Mars also has to do with irritability, people with this aspect also typically have an abundance of pet peeves - it's really easy to agitate them and for them to get annoyed or lose their patience.
Since their battles are fought in the realm of beliefs and worldviews, they will often attack other people's beliefs or feel attacked once people express differing worldviews.
Because they connect personal belief systems with fights and confrontations, they may either avoid the topic or actively seek out the discussions - usually depending on whether the chart is more pronounced on positive or negative signs.
Either way, they'll usually be quite self-righteous and will defend their own beliefs, not wanting to reconsider them or admit that the other person has a valid point.

Remember: You can do anything. If you believe.

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