09 September 2016

Moon Mercury Aspects ☾☿

The moon is our everyday, habitual self – who we are when we are in our comfort zone, when we act naturally and our “inner child” can come out. It has to do with emotions, gut feelings and intuition. Basically, it’s a major determiner in who we are and how we act.

Mercury is our logical mind and intellect. This planet is associated with communication, connection, interaction, language, and facts.

When the moon and Mercury form an aspect, it shows that a person will likely live in their heads a lot. Thoughts and feelings, facts and intuition will be combined – either in constructive or destructive ways, depending strongly of the sign and house placement of both planets and the nature of the aspect.

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These people are likely to read or write on a daily basis and keeping a diary or journal is also common (so are blogging and vlogging). All ways of capturing memories with words or technology, such as photography, videomaking, or scrapbooking, will appeal to them. They also like emojis and emoticons because it’s a good way to show emotion and built a more humane connection over text. While others go comfort shopping for clothes or food, these people find comfort in buying stationary or books. They also feel at home in bookstores and libraries.

Their affinity towards reading and writing probably stems from their inability to know how they feel until it has been put into words – either in their private journal, in a conversation, or in a quote or book written by someone else. Heart and mind being so closely interwoven can be quite confusing.

It does, however, also give them a great intuitive understanding of situations and people and a good common sense. These individuals typically have great emotional intelligence. Actually dealing with feelings, talking about them, or comforting others, can be hard, though. Those with Moon Mercury aspects tend to rationalize their feelings and avoid talking about emotional or otherwise uncomfortable topics. When nurturing and comforting others, they usually do so by giving sound advice or using logical reasoning. They are either really good or really lousy listeners - their whole heart is in a conversation, or their head is up in the clouds.

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Rather than having a mind that works mathematically, these individuals have a talent for understanding the symbolism behind fairytales and mythology or interpreting poetry. They may also get grammar and spelling right intuitively and pick up languages naturally. At their core, they are curious, clever, and quick-witted. They are creative in coming up with solutions to everyday problems.

Although their intuition can be a talent and a strength, as described above, their emotions can also get in the way of rational thinking. They can be rather naïve and immature in their thinking. They’re prone to confusing intuition with facts and simply assuming that what their guts tell them is a truism (this may actually be the case, sometimes, though). Getting emotionally involved in thinking and reasoning can cause them to have a strong personal bias and to be unable to see past their own circumstances. They may even bend facts so that they’re comfortable with them or ignore information which does not support their opinion.

In conversations, they can be rather shy and sensitive to harsh words. They are easily hurt when their thoughts and opinions are disagreed with and they take it quite personally.

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With a Moon Mercury Conjunction, there is a blending, a unity, of heart and mind. These people are especially intuitive and have a strong common sense, or what some call street-smarts. They react rationally and consider both logical thinking and intuitive feeling in their decision-making. They are naturally clever and curious but have a hard time keeping thinking and feeling separate, which is why they tend to rationalize their feelings.

In a Moon Mercury Square, the two energies block each other. This may result in not being able to talk about emotions and staying within a small comfort zone in conversation. They can also be quite sensitive and shy in conversations and perceive differing opinions as a personal attack. When their ideas are rejected, they take it to heart and may react insensitively. In general, subjectivity interferes with rational thinking, so they are quite biased and also have a tendency towards daydreaming and not being able to listen attentively. There is however, also a strong thirst for knowledge that may be explored in reading, writing, or conversation.

With a Moon Mercury Opposition, there is a constant back-and-forth of thoughts and feelings. Although it may feel like a dispute at times, the dialogue between them may also turn out to be productive: You can weigh up rational thought and intuitive feeling equally.

When there is a Moon Mercury Trine or Sextile, the positive aspects of this combination (being a good conversationalist and/or writer and quick-witted, picking up new skills naturally) will dominate. However, these positive aspects can be lazy, too, so the strengths may fail to be recognized as such. With the trine, especially, there may be a tendency towards gossiping and being a chatterbox.


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