28 February 2017

Sun Aspects in Astrology

Since our birth charts reflect a certain moment within the solar system and the sun is at its center, it also stands for our own core, that part of us that everything else revolves around, our essence.

The sun serves as a spotlight in our charts, showing our need to feel special and important, be at the center of attention. It is connected to what we pride ourselves in and how we want to set ourselves apart.The urge of the sun is that of expressing itself and being seen and recognized.
Planets aspecting the sun describe what we want to be recognized for or what we pride ourselves in. They gain great importance since they are put in the spotlight.
That is also why things relating to planets in aspect to the sun can easily hurt our pride or ego - they are the things we want to be noticed and admired for.

The sun is that part of us that wants to realize itself as an individual - finding yourself, creating yourself, expressing yourself - and the planets in aspect to the sun show what helps or hinders us in this process.
Think of it as wanting to be special and your own distinct person, as if being the hero of the story or the protagonist of your own life.
The sun plays the leading star role, it takes center stage (literally).
However, depending on the aspects to the sun, some people may act like supporting roles in their own lives and, rather than craving attention, would rather hide. Some want to stand out while others would rather fit in. Some enjoy attention, others want to keep in the background.
So it has to do with how we feel about ourselves, how important and great we think we are and how talented we experience ourselves to be - the sun's aspects influence our sense of self worth and self image.

Since the sun is the source of light and warmth, it gives generously and does not take anything.
It is our life force, or source of energy, vitality, and confidence and planets in aspect to the sun can either obstruct this light and warmth to come forth or strengthen it and give it unique colors and hues.

"I want to exist from my own force, like the sun,
which gives light and does not suck light."
- Carl Jung

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