08 February 2017

Venus Jupiter Aspects

Venus is that part of us that is pretty, nice, sweet and pleasant. When touched by Jupiter, these qualities will be exaggerated. You'd think that's great, considering the things Venus is associated with are mainly positive, but quite often, Jupiter can bring too much of a good thing, it's like an overkill. It may turn the sweet traits of Venus into something rather syrupy, cheesy and corny.  Jupiter can turn the good traits of a planet into ridiculous, annoying and unpleasant ones by exaggerating them too much.
So, rather than simply being super charming and sociable, what you'd expect of a strong Venus, Jupiter can give this planet a rather sleazy and greasy type of quality. Individuals with strong Venus Jupiter aspects may be over the top in their good manners and have too pronounced a polite, agreeable and sociable side.

Jimmy Fallon has a Venus Jupiter opposition. He is a really positive, upbeat, nice and sociable person but that's the thing that many people find so off-putting about him: he laughs too easily and too much, gives too many reactions when people talk and just overall seems TOO NICE. There's something idiotic and ridiculous about his sweetness.

So, although Jupiter is often seen as a great benefactor and known for bringing abundance and luck, the simplicity and humility of Saturn can actually be more pleasant than the ridiculous exaggerations of Jupiter.


  1. i always thought my venus/jupiter square was a good thing (besides the fact that it's a square) but now i realize why all my friends get annoyed when i'm polite to everybody.... is there anything i can do to help? i've never known anything else but to be well mannered and polite, but now i don't know what to do... people obviously don't see this as a good thing. (venus is in scorpio, in the first house/jupiter is in leo, in the tenth house)

    1. no, it IS a good thing! venus and jupiter are both highly beneficial planets that work well together, but i just wanted to point out in this article that there can be downsides to the "good aspects" too, that astrology and character traits isnt all black and white. honestly though if your worst problem is being too nice and polite, youre doing absolutely fine, dont worry about it!

  2. This is why i kind of do not follow Western astrology. In the west Jupiter is most of the times painted as a ridiculous optimist but in Vedic astrology Jupiter is a planet of wisdom,spirituality and abundance and not a mere foolish confidence


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