27 November 2017

Advice and Reminders for Pluto Transits

Pluto transit periods are the autumns of our lives.
Everything seems to die and fall away.
We will only be dragged with it when we refuse to let go.

Pluto rules death, but it is not the physical death.
Death reminds us that everything we accumulate in life will be stripped away one day.
We leave this earth only with the things we came here with - our naked bodies.
Not even a sense of identity, definitely not any material possessions, no belief systems.
So it is with Pluto transits: they are like a death in the sense that everything we thought we needed and everything our ego held onto and defined as "ours" is stripped away from us.
It can be freeing in the sense that once we realize we can live without this stuff (be it money, people, faith, success, etc), we realize our true power - we don't really need anyone or anything to survive.
Then we can choose to invite something into our lives, not from the position of a beggar, controlled by and at the mercy of something, relying on it.
Instead, it is a free choice with the knowledge that we do not depend on it.
With Pluto transits, there is a feeling of having to start from scratch.

You won't die, your relationship doesn't have to end, you won't have to lose your job - but you can't come out of the Pluto transits without letting go of how you used to be, how the relationship dynamic used to work, etc.
Pluto is about evolution. The thing that doesn't work anymore, that doesn't serve you anymore has to be left behind.
The things that don't adapt during the Plutonian evolution won't survive.

Before a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it turns into goo in the cocoon.
You have to become like this too, completely let go of control, have a near-death experience, be like goo, just allow life to happen, allow things to die off.
The caterpillar does survive technically, but in a completely different form. It's no longer a caterpillar, it's a butterfly. And this was only possible because it was willing to let the old self die. Everything survives Pluto transits, but in different forms.

"Don't grieve.
Anything you lose comes round in another form."

When a person we love leaves us, love does not leave us. Because we are the source of it.
The love is in the person that loves, not in the one being loved.
So love can always come around in a different form. We are the source of love. We don't have to force love to stay alive in the form of a specific person or relationship or hobby or what have you - love is always there, somewhere.
Pluto is about realizing that the essence cannot die - which doesn't just relate to love.
We may have to find success and money through another career/job, we may have to find faith through another spiritual or religious path, we may have to find ourselves in another identity or style. But the essence never leaves us. In A Course in Miracles it says that "Nothing real can die" and Pluto is about learning to value the immortal essence of something more than the mortal shell.

People used to have animal sacrifice rituals because they saw in nature that whenever something dies something new can grow from these fertile grounds. Thats why, to make sure plants keep growing and animals keep reproducing, they would kill - death means life (paradoxically).
I think this is important in a metaphorical sense.
Whenever we feel stuck in life or as a person, we need to let something die so something new has a space to breathe and something to feed off of.
Thats what pluto teaches, to shed old skins, to be reborn like a phoenix, transform.
The motto of Pluto transits should be: don't force a dead thing to stay alive. Allow it to fertilize the grounds for something fresh.
The end of one thing is just the start of another thing.

"Pluto operates like a good parent or a wise spiritual master. He doesn’t engineer our suffering; our own confusion does that. It’s not the transit, but our resistance to it that creates the pain. We’re attached to something disempowering; it holds us back. The crucial part of Pluto’s interrogation is to identify “that which we hold most dear,” so we know what to relinquish. Initially we’re frightened it’s something external we must lose-a marriage, a child, our standing in the world. These may or may not disappear. But more often the real binkie we’re sucking on is some stupid notion that has been holding our limited world in place."
Dana Gerhardt 

Pluto transits are a time for getting rid of old beliefs and shells of personality like a snake shedding an old skin.
Getting rid of what no longer serves us, what has outlived its purpose, an evolution of the soul.

Celebrate the funeral of old beliefs and old ideas of who you are.
Get rid of the idea that something dying is bad.
The essence cannot die.

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  1. Thanks. I had the Pluto over Venus transit in 2014-2016. A hard one: a sexy love affair in which I cried a lot... too much. I am over it now. But it took me months to overcome the pain. Now, I feel freer. I'm waiting for Saturn & then Jupiter to visit me in the next couple of years.


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